Friday Free-For-All (Eleven)

Welcome to Friday Free-For-All, where I talk about anything and everything on my mind.  This is usually just a great big brain dump, so brace yourselves!

I’m seeing the Goo Goo Dolls in concert tomorrow night.  Yes, I know, you’re all intensely jealous now.  The Champlain Valley Fair here in VT is kind of a big deal (sarcasm), and we usually get some awesome headliners.  I’ve seen Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Britney Spears.  So yeah.  I’m kind of a big deal (more sarcasm).  Anywho, I’m in full-on 90’s nostalgia mode.  Also, I can’t wait to have fried dough, maple creemees, and sausage.  Mmmm, fair food!


We’re having a birthday party for Ben tonight.  His actual birthday was on Monday, so we’re celebrating tonight.  Unfortunately, our apartment/kitchen are a total disaster and half empty due to moving, so I won’t be able to bake him a cake.  But I think beer and store-bought cake will work, right?  I’m very much looking forward to having friends over and taking a night to relax after being so stressed out all week.

Tigger consolation prize.  Well, I didn’t make the Tigger three-peat.  The Tigger award went to someone else (who REALLY deserved it) this month.  The good news is, I won this sweet little replacement during a trivia contest 😀

Photo Aug 21, 10 28 38 AM

He may be even cuter than the original

My True Citrus giveaway ends at midnight tonight!  Head over to the original post here and leave a comment to enter!  I’ll be doing a special Saturday post tomorrow to announce the winners.

Have you been to a concert recently?

What was your first concert?

Friday Free-For-All (Seven)

Welcome to Friday Free-For-All, where I talk about everything and anything on my mind.  Sometimes it even makes sense!

I bought my first running skirt, and I’m kind of in love.  It’s by Reebok, and while it’s a little shorter than I might like (it barely covers my tush), the built in shorts make sure I don’t feel like I’m flashing my butt to everyone I run past.  And of course, it hides the dreaded chub rub and camel toe.  The only thing that’s weird is that the sole pocket is upside down on my leg.  I can’t figure it out.  My only guess is that maybe this is actually a tennis skirt, and the pocket is to hold an extra ball?  Anyone know what’s up with this?

Seriously, what is this pocket?

Seriously, what is this pocket?

I got a haircut this week.  I’ve been growing out the pixie for months, and while I was finally exiting the super awkward phase, my hair was starting to do this crazy Farrah Fawcett-esque flip that I was so not into (you may have seen this on Twitter/Instagram).  While the cut looks fab, I’m a little upset because he pretty much took off all the length I managed to gain over the last 6 months.  Sadpanda.  No more haircuts for a while.

Vermont Brewer’s Festival is this weekend!  I’ve been legally able to drink for 8 years, but I’ve never made it to Brew Fest.  This year, tickets sold out in 11 minutes, but I was lucky enough to score 2 for me and Ben.  I’m very excited to try lots of tasty, Vermont-made beer!

Click for Source

Click for Source

Beat the Blerch virtual race. The actual race sold out in a matter of minutes, so they are now offering a virtual option for $45.  This is super cool, except for the fact that they’re only offering registration for SEVEN DAYS.  I don’t have an extra $45 lying around right now, and I don’t want to put it on my overused credit card.  Maybe I’ll change my mind before July 22…

Click for Source

Click for Source

Tigger Two-fer:  Remember when I won the Tigger award at work?  And got an oh-so-fuzzy stuffed Tigger?  And took him on adventures?  Well, as the result of my efforts on a special project, I GET TO KEEP TIGGER FOR ANOTHER MONTH!  Woo!  It’s basically my mission to keep winning this award so I can keep him forever.

Pretty much how I feel about Tigger

Pretty much how I feel about Tigger

That’s all for me, friends!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Running skirts:  yay or nay?

Tell me about the worst haircut you’ve ever had.

Be a Tigger

You may notice I changed up my blog appearance a bit–new theme and new header.  Like?  Don’t like?  Let me know!

Last Thursday, my company had our monthly meeting.  The Culture Club revealed the Mission and Values statement that they’ve been working on for about 3 years at our last meeting, and one of the partners came up with this notion of being a “Tigger” versus being an Eeyore.  Tigger is happy, energetic, always game for adventure.  His enthusiasm is infections.  He’s confident and fun to be around.  Whereas, Eeyore, is, well, not.

Anyway, on Thursday they revealed the new engagement initiative, which is that every month, a company “Tigger” will be nominated for embodying the spirit of Tigger, and living the Mission and Values statement.  Well, guess what, kids?  I WAS THE FIRST EVER TIGGER!!

Now I get to hold onto this little guy until someone else is picked.

Photo Jun 19, 9 42 48 AM

I have to say, I’m super psyched about this initiative.  First of all, I get to be the keeper of a stuffed Tigger for the next month or so.  He’s soft and adorable.  He sits on my desk, and every time I see him, I smile.  I’m planning to take him to San Francisco with me next month and take pictures with him, a la Flat Stanley.  Secondly, I’m so pleased that my ridiculous, sunshiney self has been recognized.  In my own life, I strive to be pleasant and enthusiastic towards everyone I meet.  Some may say that makes me a kiss-ass, or a sucker, but it’s true.

I think the philosophy of being a “Tigger” is a really valuable one.  Maintaining a pleasant demeanor generally helps you get along better with everyone you meet.  It makes people feel happy and welcomed, and puts people at ease.  When I walk into a business and the receptionist doesn’t look up, or smile, or greet me, I’m instantly put off–it makes me feel uncomfortable, or wonder why I’m bothering to do business with a company that obviously doesn’t care about me.  This is exceptionally motivating to do the exact opposite in my own job.  I sit at the front desk of a financial planning firm that handles hundreds of millions of dollars, so I do my damnedest to make sure that every one of our clients feels special, welcomed, and wanted.

This philosophy also applies in running.  I know without question that if I go into a run with a positive mind-set, I’m more successful.  I don’t feel as tired.  I can go longer distances.  I enjoy myself more.  Whereas if I start out all gloom and doom, “Oh I’m so tired, I’ll never finish 10 miles,” it doesn’t go well at all, and I’m defeated before I even start.  It’s amazing how much of running is mental!

I’m not saying that I’m in a great mood all the time.  I’m not saying that I’m super excited to be at work every minute of every day.  That’s unrealistic and unreasonable.  There are definitely days when my inner monologue goes something like I hate everyone.  I’ll punch you in the face if you look at me one more time.  PUNCHES FOR EVERYONE!!  And I’m also not advocating letting people walk all over you in the interest of “being nice” and “getting along.”  I’m just saying that I try my best to have a smile on my face when I can, and even if it’s a fake smile in the moment, making someone else smile can make my smile more genuine.

So I encourage all of you to find your inner Tigger.  I guarantee that it will help, in running and in life!

Are you a Tigger, or an Eeyore?