Friday Free-For-All – 12/15/17

Photo Jul 14, 10 05 37 AM

Rocket is home! He ended up spending almost four days in the kitty hospital. A urethra blockage is a very serious problem that can be fatal in as little as 48 hours if left untreated. Thank god we got him help in time! He will need to spend a few days of quiet R&R, isolated from the other animals while he recovers. Unfortunately, once a cat has a urethra blockage, they are more likely to have recurring issues, so we will have to watch him closely the next few days, and pretty much for the rest of his life. Every time he pees in the litter box it’s a little celebration! Pet ownership is weird and gross sometimes.

In order to prevent Rocket from ever having to go through this again, I borrowed a kitty water fountain from a coworker. No joke. The idea is that fresh, moving water is more appealing, and therefore, he will drink more water, which should help prevent future urinary tract issues and/or blockages. We will likely also start supplementing his diet with some wet food to keep more water in his system. I’m very grateful that we get to borrow a fountain for the time being, because they ain’t cheap! But they are definitely cheaper than the vet bill we got yesterday, so, yeah.

We are finally getting snow tires on our vehicles this weekend. We’ve been slacking big time, and paid for it with all the snow we got this week. The good news is, my snow tires are brand spanking new, so they should help a lot with my commute this winter. My old ones were nigh on bald by the end of last season, and I had a few hairy commutes. I’m feeling a lot better about this winter already.

You know you are an adult when… You buy a sonic toothbrush with your year-end bonus. At my recent dentist appointment, the hygienist noted some pain I’ve been having on the left side of my mouth, and said it’s because I’m apparently brushing my teeth too hard and rubbing away the enamel along the gum line. Um, ouch? Her recommendation was to switch to a sonic toothbrush and Sensodyne toothpaste. Getting older sure is glamorous…

If you live in a snowy area, do you have your snow tires on yet?


8 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All – 12/15/17

  1. Kimberley@Black Dog Runs Disney says:

    Yayyyy Rocket!!!!! He probably thinks he just landed in kitty heaven on earth with the water fountain, lol! We just got those sonic toothbrushes too. Took some getting used to the vibration but we love them now. And we found them on Amazon for like $30. Way better than those crazy $150 jobs and they do the same darn thing.

    • Rae says:

      So, so happy my little dude is doing better. I got my toothbrush on sale for I think $40? So far, so good. But it definitely took some getting used to.

  2. dgobs says:

    I’m glad Rocket is home and is okay! Hopefully you guys can have a nice cozy weekend of r&r 🙂 Thanks for the reminder about snow tires… I should probably get on that!!

    • Rae says:

      Man, snow tires make a HUGE difference. I didn’t start buying them until about 6 years ago, and I can’t believe I lived without them for so long!

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