Oh, right. I’m running a relay…

I signed up for the 100 on 100 Relay waaaaay back in February, when I was in the middle of marathon training. I figured that after finishing a marathon, a 100 mile relay race would be no big deal. Fast forward to today, and I haven’t run more than 7 miles in one go since May. I had intended to do several brick workouts, or at least two-a-day runs to prepare myself for the rigors of running 3 legs of the relay. Yeah, that hasn’t happened. Are we surprised? Not really. I kind of suck at sticking to training plans when I don’t have a Coach Suz in my corner.

I haven’t been talking or writing about it much because honestly, I haven’t really even been thinking about it much. I know it’s happening. Soon. August 13 to be exact. But I’m having a hard time conceptualizing it. Based on reading a dozen or so recaps of Ragnar Relays, I have some idea of what to expect, but not a whole lot of logistical details specific to this race. I’m sure that communications from my team captain will start to flow soon, but right now, I don’t have a lot to go on.

I can feel the edges of panic creeping in, but I also feel like at this point, there’s pretty much nothing I can do except suck it up and do my best. If nothing else, it will be a great memory of doing something fun and crazy.

Have you ever “forgotten” about a race you registered for?



8 thoughts on “Oh, right. I’m running a relay…

    • Rae says:

      Fuel and hydration are going to be KEY for sure. And team captain is a really good friend who I don’t often get to hang out with, so that will be great.

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