Goals for VT Corporate Cup 2016

This will be my third year running this race, because I get free registration through work. Woohoo free race! In past years (2014 recap, 2015 recap), I’ve sort of struggle with how crowded this race is, and never really do as well as I think I should/as I want to. I usually end up hot and frustrated and not really having a lot of fun during the actual race.

This year, because I’m maybe injured (stupid foot) and because it’s supposed to be the hottest day of the year so far, I’ve decided to actually, really, just have fun and not worry about time. I get to go hang out with a bunch of my coworkers, run a race through my state’s capital, and then have drinks and dinner. We’ve got reservations at Positive Pie, which is an excellent pizza joint, and what’s better after a race than pizza and beer?

I’ve also been talking with Coach Suz about my stupid foot. She thinks I should get it checked out, while I’m over here in Denial Town going, “Well, it doesn’t hurt when I walk, just when I run, so I’m probably fine, right?” And honestly, it doesn’t hurt when I’m walking, standing, or yoga-ing, and it didn’t bother me at all until mile 5 or so of my 10 mile run on Monday, so I just don’t want to get all wrapped up in doctor’s appointments and x-rays and someone telling me that I shouldn’t run.

HOWEVER, I also need to remember that I’m running a marathon in 2.5 weeks, and if I have something wrong, a diagnosis and treatment plan may make the difference between finishing and not. SO. If I feel any pain at all during tonight’s 5k, I will switch to walk/run intervals, and call a doctor tomorrow. I need to figure out if my insurance requires a referral, or if I can just seek out a sports medicine doc on my own. I don’t want to just go to my regular doc, because a) They’re just gonna have to send me to the hospital for x-rays, which means an extra, wasted visit and co-pay, and b) My previous injury experience with my regular doc was “Oh, well, no signs of a fracture, so just don’t run for 6 weeks,” which is NOT going to work for me right now.

Do you go straight to the doctor when you get hurt, or do you wait it out like me?


21 thoughts on “Goals for VT Corporate Cup 2016

  1. Jenn @ Fairest Run of All says:

    I… just never go to the doctor. I busted up my foot pretty good in November 2014. Two PTs take ballet with me and said they didn’t feel anything actively out of place, so I just waited it out. (NOTE: This was probably stupid of me…)

    • DarlinRae says:

      I also have a track record of being kind of stupid about stuff. I just don’t want to pay for the privilege of being told there’s nothing they can do, ya know?

  2. allisonfiorini says:

    This must be like our one year anniversary of following each other because I totally remember you running this one last year too ❀

    I do think you should get your foot checked, but part of me wants to tell you to just wait until after the marathon!!! But I'm super irresponsible. I go to the doctor when I'm injured, but not when I think they are going to give me bad news. I'm the worst.

    • DarlinRae says:

      Yaay, blog friend-iversary! Hahaha, that’s EXACTLY where I’m at. It’s like, I’d rather not know until after I do what I need to do. I’m so dumb…

  3. Darlene says:

    I’m the wrong person to comment. I ran 2 5ks with a stress fracture in my foot.

    Hope yours is nothing serious.

    Yes, it finally warm here and I have a 5k tonight.

  4. dgobs says:

    Fingers crossed your foot is nothing bad!! I think your plan for the race sounds smart. If you know it’s going to be frustrating to race it, hanging with coworkers and having fun and a tasty dinner sounds like a better way to go for sure. I’ve gotten injured enough that the orthopedics doc knows me and lets me email him with questions, without having to see my regular doc first. Silver lining to all the previous injuries I guess? πŸ™‚

  5. hellyontherun says:

    Yup, last minute doctor visitor here too! I didn’t even *know* I had stress fractures when I finally went. I was going for something completely different! Talk about denial, lol!

    I hope the pain passes and you can run your marathon without any stressors of an injury!

    • DarlinRae says:

      I’ve found that high cushion shoes make my toes go numb; have you recently started running in a different shoe with more cushion? Something to consider. Anyway, hope that goes away soon!

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