Cancel the Pity Party

I may be doing an OK job of hiding it here on the ol’ blog, but in reality, I’ve been pretty pissy about this whole hurt-foot-not-running thing.  Like, full on, weepy, angry, taking it out on everyone for no reason pity party.  I haven’t really been working out at all, even though the bike and weight training are totally OK, and I’ve been playing video games for more hours than is strictly healthy.


In some respects, this is totally natural.  I’m dealing with disappointment in my own way, trying to work through it and figure out how to approach my first real running injury.  It’s been a frustrating process, especially because after a doctor visit and x-rays, I still don’t have a diagnosis, so I’ve been kind of playing the waiting game to see if things get better on their own.

This weekend, as I cruised through my 8 millionth consecutive hour playing Skyrim, I decided that enough is enough.  Yes, being injured and not being able to run sucks.  Not having a concrete diagnosis and treatment plan sucks.  But I can either continue to be a whiny, lazy mess, or I can just move on with my life and find other forms of exercise that, while not as awesome as running, will at least keep me from losing all of my muscle and cardiovascular endurance while my foot heals.  It’s my choice how I let this affect me, and up until now I’ve been making the easy choice of being sad and angry and lazy instead of productive.

So effective today, I’m cancelling the pity party.  I’m ready to commit to finding fitness wherever I can until my foot gets better, and I’m working on an attitude adjustment.  I’ve got my gym bag all packed, and I’ve got gym time scheduled for at least three days this week, not including all the dancing I’ll be doing at my Legally Blonde audition tomorrow (yes, there’s a Legally Blonde musical, and it’s awesome).


And to finish up, I’ve got some good news:  I got some cheapo Dr. Scholl’s arch support inserts to wear in my normal shoes, and my foot hasn’t hurt at all in two whole days!!!  Obviously, I realize this doesn’t mean I’m cured and it’s time to start running again, but it’s encouraging.  I haven’t run in exactly 4 weeks, so I’m going to try to wait another 2 to make it a full 6 weeks of rest, before very slowly and carefully adding in some running.

Have you ever tried over-the-counter shoe inserts?  How did they work out for you?

23 thoughts on “Cancel the Pity Party

  1. dgobs says:

    Props for canceling the pity party! I tend to stay way longer at my own pity parties than I should, and always have a hard time dragging myself out. High five!

    That’s great that the inserts are helping with your foot pain! Fingers crossed that it continues to get better ASAP!! I wear OTC inserts when I wear my Chucks because I’m old enough to finally realize that they don’t give my archless feet any support whatsoever, even though I love them so. They definitely help!

  2. SuzLyfe says:

    Nobody needs a pity party. They don’t include balloons, and thus they are worthless.
    With regards to orthotics, I run in custom ones because of my ankles, but I have worn other store bought ones from time to time. I feel like it is whatever make you feel better, but in order to really get something out of it, you typically have to get them made. You could also go to a running store and see if they do semi-custom. But for now, whatever feels best!

  3. Pam says:

    Oh my goodness, I found you through Danielle’s blog, and am also dealing with a foot injury. I’m sitting at the orthopedic doctors office right now! I understand the whole pity party and frankly I’m panicking because my Boston marathon training starts on the 20th of December. Hope you are doing better soon.

  4. txa1265 says:

    Great attitude – and I think that while you have downplayed it mostly, the sadness has leaked through on the blog. And like you say – it is natural, and normal to figure out when it is time to stop.

    Terribly excited about hearing about this Legally Blonde musical – is it with a community theater company? My boys are both in a ‘Young Actors Workshop’ led by folks from the local theater company, and it is awesome.

    I’ve never done any inserts, but Lisa got some at one of those state fair things several years ago and they were very helpful for her feet issues. But she can’t run anyway due to joint issues and arthritis, but it helped for walking.

    You mean there isn’t a caloric benefit transfer from having your character run around in an RPG? That would explain a few things … 😉

    • DarlinRae says:

      Oh man, if there was a caloric benefit transfer from all my RPGing I’d be SUPER fit!

      Legally Blonde is being produced by Lyric Theatre, one of the largest community theatre groups in Vermont. I’ve worked with them before and they do great stuff. I’m so excited/nervous to audition!

  5. Brittany says:

    First, good on you for ending the pity party. My last one lasted just shy of 10 years and ain’t nobody got time for that.

    Second, I had foot problems back in the day, too, and those very Dr Scholls inserts you’re talking about are my life savers. I’ve probably tried all the different arch-supprty things they offer, and I love the ones they make for high heels, too! I hope they continue to work for you.

    Third, I LOVE the Legally Blonde musical!!! Break a leg (or do you save that for the performance?). Hah either way, I hope you get the part you want!

  6. kebe51 says:

    You could always try CrossFit in the meantime…they’re very good at adjusting workouts to accommodate injuries! Just saying 😛

    Way to end the pity party! Just be patient and rest and do what you can and we’re all here for you! WINE AND DINE 2015! 🙂

  7. hellyontherun says:

    I like that e-card. It’s totally cool to whine but it’s more important to do something about the situation. I’m glad you’re deciding to think more positively–you WILL get better!! xoxo!

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